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China glass composite index

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China glass composite index reaches to 1,124.04 points and enhances 2.11 points from last week, which ascends 64.65 points compared with last year. China glass price index stays at 1,148.58 points and increases 2.92 points more than last week, which it is up 65.96 points compared with last year. China glass confidence index arrives at 1,025.88 points, rising 1.11 points compared on week over week basis and increasing 59.41 points compared with last year.

Glass spot market is influenced by Spring Festival, long holidays in downstream market, and long-distance transportation stagnation, which results in the market staying at a weak position and inventories increasing. Some traders and processing companies begin to store goods which helps to alleviate the pressure in manufacturing companies. After holidays, market confidence cheers up and quotations fluctuate accordingly. Manufacturers deliveries are slowing due to less orders and rainy weather.


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