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Shandong Eworld Machine Co.,Ltd,which is one of the famous and big manufacturers of glass equipments, windows equipments, CNC equipments. Since its inception in 2002, and after many years of development and growth, the company is now playing a leading role in glass machinery and windows door machine in China.
 We take credit as the base of business and mutual benefits as the soul of business.
 Besides perfecting each product with our utmost effort.
 We promise "Sincere Service, Permanent Promise".


The machine is used for processing the aluminum and PVC/UPVC/plastic/Vinyl profile at angles of -45° ~90°  ~45° The two heads can work individually, simultaneously and combinatively it has the features of simple operation ,stability and high efficiency. It has the features of easy operation and high accuracy. READ MORE


It is a special machine for welding PVC/UPVC/Plastic/Vinyl doors and windows. If you profile thickness(hight) is higher than 110mm, and also want to use this common welding machine, we can make the welding head higher with some device,but it needs to customer pa
y some extra charge about this. READ MORE

Eworld Machine has become the leading supplier in the glass and windows solution field that integrates design, research and production, sales and after-sales service, formed a complete service support system, and provided customers with the persistent service. The company has integrated the upstream and downstream resources advantage, the extension of design and production and the expansion of industrial chain of ecological system, and actively achieved the value of "the efficient partner in the glass and windows solution field".
Eworld Machine is the leading supplier for the different glass processing machine,PVC aluminum window machine and CNC machines,which provide the customer with comprehensive assistance based on his needs. Three of the most important questions arising in this regard are: first, how many pieces per shift (8 hours) does he want to produce; second, what is the maximum size(min size,glass thickness) of the glass panes produced. and third, the degree of automation(manual,semi-automatic, and automatic). READ MORE


  • May
    China curtain wall and glass situation

    Eworld  machine  is  the  leading  supplier  for  the  glass  cutting  machine,glass  edging  machine,insulating  glass  machine,glass  laminating  machine,glass  washing  machine,glass  lifting  machine,PVC  window  machine,aluminum  window  machine,we  think  the  glass  ,curtain  wall  market  as  follows:  First,  the  market  de

  • Apr
    National Glass Association to Host GPADs

    GPAD—Glass  Processing  Automation  Days—was  founded  in  2014  by  FeneTech  Inc.  as  a  unique  two-day  opportunity  to  investigate  new  and  innovative  technologies  in  the  glass  fabrication  industry  and  discover  the  additional  benefits  of  automation  and  integration.  FeneTech  will  continue  to  be  involved  in  fut

  • Feb
    China glass composite index

    China  glass  composite  index  reaches  to  1,124.04  points  and  enhances  2.11  points  from  last  week,  which  ascends  64.65  points  compared  with  last  year.  China  glass  price  index  stays  at  1,148.58  points  and  increases  2.92  points  more  than  last  week,  which  it  is  up  65.96  points  compared  with  last  year.  Chi

  • Mar
    Less Demands Lead To Weak Transactions

    Glass  spot  market  recent  performance  does  not  meet  expectations  from  glass  manufacturers.  Glass  deliveries  do  not  rise  remarkably  and  it  is  quite  difficult  for  manufacturing  companies  to  cut  down  their  inventories,  due  to  late  and  less  operation  rates  of  processing  companies  and  oversupply.Pricing  a


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