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Glass Spot Market Meets Expectations During New Year Holidays

Views: 7     Author: Eworld Machine     Publish Time: 2019-01-03      Origin: Eworld Machine


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Glass spot market meets expectations during New Year Holidays with basically steadfast deliveries. Due to cold weather, deliveries from some manufacturers are impeded.

There is a production line from Shahe yuanhua, with 1,000 tons output, going to be shutdown and its recovery day is pending due to lacking of capital. Under such influences, deliveries in Shahe increase and quotationsalso raise, which most manufacturers keep producing and selling balanced. There will be another round of price enhancing on 10th January as per informed.

Deliveries in Eastern and Central China stay normal. Due to snow, delivering speed slightly reduces in Central China, while manufacturers maintain current glass rates.

Quotations from Southern China also rise a little bit. As per said, orders received by processing companies could last to the middle of January.


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