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Infrared Glass Autoclave

The infared autoclave adopt the design of a new train of thought, namely,make use of the natural forces and function of complex ways, greatly reducing the installation power and create the conditions for highly efficient heating method
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The infared autoclave adopt the design of a new train of thought, namely,make use of the natural forces and function of complex ways, greatly reducing the installation power and create the conditions for highly efficient heating method ..

The  central technology of Autoclave is the circulatory system and match heating system, which used the world's first natural cycle structure, heating and pressure power even cooling power and cycle power  coincide, so that air can be  natural circulation when heating and cooling; wavelength matches the heating  system in accordance with the principle of selection of a specific wavelength of infrared transparent gold-plated heating tube ,can be reached the high  efficiency of  heating and absorption of glass.

Furthermore, infrared autoclave cooling system and control system of technological innovation: the cooling system uses hot-dip galvanizing finned tube seamless steel pipe,with descaling and anti-scaling technology, non-scaling and does not rust; control system adopted optimized  process curve, the exhaust from working to the end is  one-touch, high degree of automation, to avoid the impact of the quality by the uneven level of the operator. Practicable technical won’t make  fire for the autoclave without air steam

Specifically,there’s some merits as followings

1.low power,high efficiency,and noticeable energy saving

The working time of Infared autoclave is less than or basically the same as the traditional autoclave, but only half of its installation power or even lower. Autoclave of dia2650 * 5500mm only 86KW, Autoclave of dia 2650 * 6000mm only 92KW, dia2850 * 6000mm only 102KW, dia3000 * 8000mm only 144KW. compared with the traditional autoclave ,The installation of the infared one is reduced nearly 50%,more than 30-40% of energy saving,

2.appropriate circulation  ,temperature uniformity. The highest temperature is always controlled at less than 130

3.PLC+ touch screen system and one-touch complete, High automation degree.

Cooling system equiped with descaling and anti-scaling technology, non-scaling and does not rust

Practicable technical won’t catch   fire for the autoclave without air steam

6. no noise and no oil pollution, so that to achieve clean and civilized production workshop

The quality of Autoclave depends on four aspects:

1. the quality (good or bad) of autoclave body itself: there’s no problem  with the pressure of the body, the key is the quality of autoclave door flange and solid and smart of opening  the door or not. Ours is a steel forging of the flange which is the best in china, the door device (as the picture shows ) is not only solid, and easy to adjust, although 1 ton heavier than 1 ton of others, but easy to use, long-term deformation. Adjustment easily switches by a person. Many autoclave door of other manufacturers is deformation after a period of time, brought many troubles to the customers.

2. technology of autoclave is advanced or not: depend on  two aspects, first, energy-saving or not, the second is whether the uniform temperature.

3. water-cooled system and the life of the heating tube: Cooling water pipe leaks and heating tube is short-life, they are a common problem in many autoclave. the cooling system of infrared autoclave adopts finned tube seamless steel pipe and hot-dip zinc processing, non-scaling and  does not rust,the life  is several times  more than ordinary zinc pipe ; infrared heating tube is gold-plated tube, it is not only high efficient, but also long life, there are several times more than the ordinary white quartz heating tube.

4 . Control system: The good control system must be the craft optimization product qualified rate is high, simultaneously the automaticity is high, the operation is simple, cannot operate each kind of pressed key's control system frequently. The infrared autoclave’s control system unified key starts, the entire journey automation, saves the person convenient qualified rate to be high. Has avoided the operators level irregularly to the product quality influence. The practical and feasible technological means will cause the autoclavenot to need to steam spatially will not catch fire

Main configuration of the equipment

PLC control system        1 set

Autoclave body           1 piece

Autoclave door           1 set

Motor                   2 sets

Heater                 1 set

Cooler                 1 set

Electric control cabinet    1 set

Safety valve             2 pieces

Pressure gauge           1 piece

Spare parts (tool)          1 set

Main technical parameters of the equipment



Technical parameter


Design pressure



Working pressure

1.2-1.3 MPa


Design temperature



Working temperature



Working medium

Compressed air


Popping pressure of safety valve

1.4 MPa


Power of main machine



Heating method

a specific wavelength of transparent gold-plated infrared heating tube


Temperature and pressure control method






Effective inner diameter


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