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Manual Operate Cutting Machine for Flat Glass 

Manual Operate Cutting Machine for Flat Glass 

Manual Operate Cutting Machine for Flat Glass 

1.Manual Glass Cutting Machine

This machine is suitable for mass cutting of squareness and rectangle sheet glass.Adjust the space of  cutter rack according to the requirement of cutting  precision,then push horizontal and vertical bridge to begin mass cutting.


1. high efficiency and easy operation to cut with multi-cutting and cutting box can increase accordingly.

2. Cutter holder with sel-lubricating, and easy to change the cutter wheel.

3. high precision,long using life and attractive appearance.


Technical parameter:

Outline dimension: 4248*3420*920mm

Tabletop size: 3800*3000mm(L*W)

Glass sheet size: 3600*2400mm

Minimum cutting size: 20*20mm

Cutting glass thickness: 2-12mm

Cutting accuracy: parallelism: from -0.15 to +0.15  

Catercorner  from -0.20 to +0.20

Weight:900 KG

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