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Market Review On Transaction Prices Of Soda Ash

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-02-20      Origin: Site


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Regarding supplying end in soda ash market, Anhui Debang recovers to production and Henan Jinshan has the new equipment with 700,000 ton capacity under test. Other suppliers such as Liaoning Dahua, and Liuzhou Chemical still do not announce their production plans, while the industrial operation rate maintains around  85 percents. On the other hand, quotations of soda ash continue to drop and manufacturers keep pushing deliveries, which intermediary business decreases.

Analyzing from downstream market, the demands from refinery chemical plants, daily glass bottles factories and others in light soda ash filed are still closed for holidays. As for heavy soda ash, there are many inventories in downstream market at this moment, which leads to fewer demands. In general, soda ash manufacturing companies push deliveres and downstream market purchase for preparations before Spring Festival result in current few demands and it is projected to last longer.


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