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Mosaic Glass Production Line

This production line including glass washing machine,glass printing machine,glass drying machine,glass cutting machine,glass press machine,glass stacking machine,glass oven .,etc

Mosaic glass production line

For the process,please check as followed,we will explain to you step by step:

1. Wash the glass sheet with the wahsing machine( glass sheet size is about 500*500mm-600*600mm) 
2,then pass the clean glass sheet to the printing machine to print the color (pigment+printing ink).
3,dried the colored glass sheet, then print the glass sheet again with the white back coat powder(to cove the pigment color) by the printing machine again, and wait the glass sheet dry.
4,After the glass sheet is dried, then use the glass cutting machine to cut the glass sheet  then use the plier to break the glass strips and put the glass strips onto the glass breaking machine to break and get the 10*10mm/15*15mm/20*20mm and other glass mosaic chips.
5.After you get the glass chips, then you should put the glass chips onto the glass kiln to fire, the temperature in the kiln is about 700-850 degrees. After the firing, you will get the round melted glass mosic chips. 
6.Then you mount the melted glass chips with the mounting mold,you use the backing mesh and glue to stick the glass chips into total sheet.  then you can pack and ship to clients.

And the ration between the glass printing ink and the pigment &toner mixture powder is about 1:2, it means when you use 1kg printing ink, you can mix around 2 kgs' powder together, then use the printing machine to print the color.   And the ratio is the same 2:1 for the white back coat powder with the printing ink to cover the back surface of the mosaic tile.
For the glass mosaic color, you can adjust the pigment's quantity to control the color, when you add more pigment and less toner, then the color will be dark. when you add less pigment and more white toner, then the color will be light.

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