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PVC Window Mullion Saw

It is used to cut PVC profile mullion.

It is used to cut PVC profile mullion.


1. Specification and technical parameter

Power                                      three phase, 380V/50HZ

Cutting scope                                80 x 87 ~ 90 x 60mm

Saw blade diameter                           300mm

Saw rotational speed                          2800r/min

Motor power                                  2x1.1KW

Inputting power                               2.2KW

Air pressure                                  0.5~0.8Mpa

Air consumption                               15L/min

Overall dimension                             2300x900x1600mm(frame:4000mm)

Weight                                       300kg

2. Characteristic and main structure

2.1 Characteristic: stable function, simple operation, pneumatic transmission, easy maintenance, excellent rigidity, simple adjustment and long service life.

2.2 Main structure: the machine is mainly made up of saw head, movable work table, electric apparatus case and supporter.

2.2.1 Saw head: the saw running is driven by pneumatic cylinder; the speed is adjustable; the protecting cover ensures the safe and stable work.

2.2.2 Work table: work table moves levelly by guide rail, there is scale on guide shaft, which helps to adjust the work size.

2.2.3 Machine body: the machine body is made up of supporter, axis, electric motor base, electric apparatus case and support case, which all adopt welding steel plate. The supporter is the auxiliary part for long profile.

2.3 Electric system

2.3.1 The electric system is mainly made up of low pressure circuit breaker, power switch, AC contractor, motor, control buttons and indicator lights.

2.3.2 There installed power switch on electric controlling cabinet. The machine adopts two 1.1KW energy-conserving Y type motors and a limit switch on the top of saw.

3. Installation and adjustment

3.1 Installation

3.1.1 Work environment: the machine should be installed on hard ground where is dry, no dust, no corrosive gas and no high electromagnetic interference. The room temperature should be among 10ºC~40 ºC.

3.1.2 Move the main machine and package bed to installation position.

3.1.3 Level: take the packing fixed supporter, support the leveling base, the leveling degree should be less than 0.2/1000mm, then lock the bolt nut.

3.1.4 Earth: Connect the earth wire according to electrical connecting drawing. The wire should adopts soft yellow-blue insulating copper wire whose cross section is bigger than 2mm. The earth resistance should be less than 4Ω.

3.1.5 Power connection: 380V/50HZ

3.1.6 Air connection: 0.5~0.8Mpa, connect the air pipe with air source processor and check if there is gas leak.

3.2 Adjustment

3.2.1 Clamping cylinder adjustment: put the profile on work table and adjust the cylinders on most proper position and fix the clamping cylinder.

3.2.2 Saw feeding speed adjustment: if the feeding speed is not proper, adjust the speed button to get necessary feeding sped.

4. Operation

4.1 Start motor

4.2 Put the profile on work table; adjust the scale plate on supporter to profile height. (indicating height=profile height÷2)

4.3 Press clamping button and work button, then the machine starts cutting.

4.4 Reducing action: loose work button, the clamping cylinder loose and cutting stop after the motor sliding bed reducing.

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