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Precautions for the operation of the clutch of the special-shaped glass cutter

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Precautions for the operation of the clutch of the special-shaped glass cutter

Clutch is also an important component of the shape glass cutter, in the use of the clutch is also need special attention, the following to introduce the operation of the special glass cutter clutch notes.

1.The special glass cutter clutch to avoid overload operation: 

When selecting the product as far as possible to use torque 1.5 times to 2 times the safety factor, overload use will cause damage to the tooth surface or reduce service life.

2.Special glass cutter clutch bearing-related: 

Generally used sealed bearings, maintenance-free, a few parts need to be based on the use of the environment, usually 1 to 6 months appropriate grease to maintain.

3.Heterogeneous glass cutter clutch with wheel, gear shaft end installation: radial force center with wheel or gear as far as possible to align the two sets of bearings inside the flange bearing center, excessive bias will affect the service life of the product.

4.Note when installing the clutch on the shaft: 

When installing the clutch on the shaft, use special tools to pressurize the hollow shaft tube as far as possible, and do not impact the cylinder or other vulnerable parts.

5.The implicated swing of the clutch cylinder of the hetero-glass cutter:

The cylinder and piston part of the implicated swing due to the role of the bearing, with 3 45-degree grooves or Z-M threads to secure or stop. But to stop properly, can not be caused by the outside force to make the cylinder skewed, oblique and not normal. Operation precautions, after the installation is completed, we have to experiment to see if the machine can be used, the installation process should pay attention to safety.


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