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Stained Glass Machine


Stained glass machine



- Adapted to a large sheet;

- Upgraded software short-cuts the studying process, simplifies the work, allows to estimate time required for production and consumption of contour;

- Opportunity to instantly adjust the drawing-pass speed and the contour’s thickness online;

- New pumps are with increased output for the high-speed production and verification the contour tracing;

- Modular design of machine for convenient transportation and setting up in any location;

- Control is carried out from PC with Windows. 


Operating area (mm): One head: 1220х2440/three head:1830*2440

Table size(mm.): 1550х2800/2200*2800

Work speed/moves (m/min.): 15/min

Positional precision (mm.): 0.1

Line width(mm.): 2-8

Maximum gauge, mm: 40

Net weight (kg): 650 KGS/700 KGS

Nominal voltage (Volt): 220

Consumption (W): 350

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