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The operation method of the glass upper sheet cutting all-in-one machine.

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The operation method of the glass upper sheet cutting all-in-one machine.

   Glass chip cutting all-in-one machine is a kind of equipment that can increase processing accuracy and production efficiency, each set of equipment has positioning mechanism including fixed unit, positioning guide unit and control unit, the control unit is connected with fixed unit and positioning guide unit respectively, can reduce the error caused by glass vibration and other factors in the grinding process. Let's take a look at the operation of the glass chip cutting all-in-one machine.

   1. Send the pending glass to the workbench and adjust the position of the glass to be treated through the steering frame on the surface of the workbench so that the side of the de-film is close to the grinding mechanism on the side of the workbench.

   2. Open the positioning guide in the positioning mechanism, turn the positioning shaft, turn the positioning lever on the positioning shaft to the horizontal direction, the guide wheel at the end of the positioning rod is located on the upper side of the positioning rod, push the glass to the guide wheel at the edge of the glass, complete the horizontal positioning of the glass, the glass upper sheet cutting machine can adjust the vertical position of the glass by pushing the glass along the direction of the guide wheel.

   3. Open the fixing device in the positioning mechanism, so that the bracket under the work table under the cylinder and rod mechanism driven up, so that more than two suction cups fixed on the bracket and the lower surface of the glass to be treated contact, open the solenoid valve on the air channel, so that the suction cup under the role of the vacuum generator to form a negative pressure, adsorption of the glass to be treated, after the completion of glass cleaning fixing, adjust the status of the positioning guide unit, so that the positioning shaft reverse-time needle rotation 90 degrees, positioning the support bar positioned under the positioning shaft.

   4. Open the grinding edge device at one end of the guide, so that the grinding edge device moves in a straight line along the rail, and during the operation of the grinding edge device, the glass edge fixed to the workbench is treated with a grinding film.

   5. After grinding the edge film, close the vacuum generator in the fixed unit, lower the bracket through the cylinder and lever mechanism, cause more than two suction cups on the bracket to fall off the glass surface, adjust the position of the glass according to the glass processing needs, reprocess or send it through the transmission mechanism to the next processing process of the glass sheet cutting machine.

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