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What is the adjustment method of double-head saw of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment?

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What is the adjustment method of double-head saw of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment?

How do I use and operate a two-way saw on broken aluminum doors and windows? This is a key part of the master of door and window mechanics.

1. Adjust the cost of door and window cabinet double saw.

(1) Adjust the position of the cylinder.

Place the aluminum profile on the working surface of the aluminum door and window equipment, adjust the cylinders of the two heads to the position that is most suitable for the press workman, and then secure the cylinders.

(2) Saw blade in-order speed adjustment.

When loading a saw, first test the machine with the default blade incoming rate. If the syngging speed of the blade is not appropriate during testing, the speed adjustment connector of the industrial cylinder can be adjusted to increase or decrease the serrated speed. Gives the speed to get the desired forward speed.

(3) Cut angle adjustment.

Adjust the aluminum alloy precision cutting saw according to the above items and perform a 30-minute test after checking its suitability.

(4) Adjust the 90-degree angle cutting of the equipment (saw blade perpendicular to the working surface extension).

Precision cutting saws for aluminum profiles have been commissioned and certified prior to the factory, where you can cut the aluminum alloy directly and ensure that the sawing surface at a 90-degree angle meets your requirements with an error of .10'. If the requirements are not met, the bolts on the stop can be adjusted. Then repeat the sawing measurements to meet your requirements. Finally tighten the nut of the cutting saw.

(5) Adjust the cutting angle to 45 degrees with the equipment (set to 45 degrees if the angle between the saw blade and the surface of the work station is 45 degrees)

Release the locking handle on the workbench, shake the cylinder for ventilation, lock it at a 45-degree angle, and then lock the handle. After viewing the profile, check its suitability. If the requirements are not met, the limit screws of the limiter can be adjusted and sawing and measuring repeatedly to meet the requirements. Then tighten the screw nut and tighten the locking handle.

(6) Adjust the cutting length of the profile.

After the angle adjustment is complete, the cutting length of the aluminum profile needs to be adjusted. Pull the handle and move the upper right head along the circular guide to the correct position (see ruler pointer), showing that the tick length is the short length of the aluminum profile. After cutting, if the length of the cut profile is different from the required length, fine-tune, tighten the brakes during fine-tuning to adjust the pointer, and then fine-tune to the desired size.

2. Double-head saw for the operation of door and window equipment.

(1) First of all, you should be familiar with the button function of the operator panel. 

(2) After adjusting the angle and length of the work piece, press the "SawStart" button, install the profile and press the "Clamp" and "SawStop" buttons at the same time after the sawhead motor runs smoothly. In this case, press the emergency stop button. Turn the Top Select switch to the Left or Right positions to operate the left and right saws, respectively (for example, to the Double position, where the left and right saws can work at the same time).


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