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Fully automatic glass cutter components.

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Fully automatic glass cutter components.

   Fully automatic glass cutting machine is generally composed of cutting table, cutting bridge and computer control box three parts. Cutting table, by the bracket, tabletop, transport belt and transmission equipment, air cushion equipment, etc.

   During this bracket is used to support the tabletop, it is composed of steel columns, steel beams, etc. The tabletops are made of laminated panels, with 3-6 shipping vertically arranged on top of them, and the exposed tabletops outside the shipping belt are covered with felt.

   The table top opens a lot of small holes, holes and air cushion air box connected, transport belt appearance is usually slightly lower than the felt surface. When transporting glass, after lifting the equipment to lift it slightly above the felt surface, the transmission equipment and lifting equipment of the transport belt are mounted under the tabletop, air cushion equipment by the air box, ducts, fans and so on.

   When cutting glass, initiate a fan, open the duct gate, use a fan to blow the wind box inside, the air inside the air tank from the small hole on the table, the formation of air cushions, the glass sheet up, in order to adjust the position of the glass sheet and avoid scratches on the glass exterior, cutting glass closed duct gate, glass piece sits on the table.

   A cutting bridge for a fully automatic glass cutter, a metal structure bridge that spans the empty cutting table and supports the metal rails on the outside of the cutting table. The equipment on the rail next to it has the cutting start and the cutting glass knife wheel, the raw material of the knife wheel is carbide, it is mounted on a rotating shaft, the shaft is mounted on the end of the cylinder piston rod, the shaft and cylinder equipment at the beginning of the cutting.

   Computer control box, computer control box is the automatic control of the device operating cabinet. Operation, only need to pass the keyboard cut glass number, standard, shape and other data into the computer, cutting machine can be in accordance with the computer instructions to complete the cutting operation.

   The above is about the components of the automatic glass cutting machine, through the above introduction is not to let you have a simple understanding of the automatic glass cutting machine! Reduce manual input by using a fully automatic glass cutter, eliminating the need for professionals to make calculations and reduce production costs. It can also save raw material costs. The optimization software used by the automatic glass cutter, using the new foreign algorithm, high optimization rate, high running speed, can optimize the use of residual materials, cutting scientific and reasonable. The glass cutter saves a lot of time and money. Fully automatic cutting, cutting speed, greatly improve the glass cutting efficiency, the efficiency of the labor efficiency is 3-4 times.


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