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Fully automatic glass cutting machine printing process is suitable for temperature.

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Fully automatic glass cutting machine printing process is suitable for temperature.

  Booming automatic glass cutting machine printing, so that the corresponding development of new network printing ink is also very fast, such as fragrance ink, fluorescent ink, foaming ink, fast curing ink.

  These inks are generally dried at room temperature only glass ceramic synths are printed and dried at higher temperatures. So often refers to high temperature glass and ceramic ink printing ink.    Depending on the temperature of the ink of the substrate and printing process, the temperature required for heat is different.

  Fully automatic glass cutting machine by two inorgible glass screen printing ink, inorgible pigment, grinding, in a certain degree of fineness, and then add acrylic, mesh printing on the glass surface, by high temperature (more than 600 degrees C) roasted for 1 to 2 minutes, and ink layer glass surface melted together, better fast.

  Inks are heat resistant at temperatures of more than 600 degrees C. But because of such a large screen printing process, the cost of technology is more complex and rarely used in the screen printing industry. The other is a low molecular compound that is an inororable binder glass cutter.

Amino and epoxy need to be baked, ink is widely used in the domestic market screen printing baking for 30 minutes, after 1300 to 1400 degrees C, ink heat temperature is relatively low, but no longer baking time.


  Ink layer combined with fastness and good hardness, brightness is also very good, low concentration of electrolyte and ethanol, acetone, benzene, cytohesterone solvent corrosion capacity. Automatic glass cutting machine according to the calcination temperature of ceramic printing methods can be divided into two types: one is the initial temperature of 700 to 800 degrees C for vegetarian burning, after the burning glaze, and then burned to 1100 to 1300 degrees C temperature.

  In order to reach 1100 to 1300 degrees C requires the heat-resistant temperature of the ink used in this emission mode, the other is to be burned at a high temperature of 1100 to 1250 degrees C, and then glazed 900 to 1000 degrees C high temperature burned. This requires the ink's heat resistance temperature to be lower than the former, at 900 to 1000 degrees C. In the use of traditional high-temperature ceramic and glass ink temperature than the above temperature of more than 600 degrees C, or more than 1000 degrees C.

  In the existing high temperature ink, the heating temperature of 1800 degrees C to 2000 degrees C ink is relatively small, if the need for baking at this temperature for a long time to meet the requirements of ink less.

  At present, about 200 degrees C temperature baking capacity of invariable color ink domestic almost no, mainly rely on imports, but foreign manufacturers who are relatively small, and the production of heat-resistant ink is not very stable.

  Such as wheel label printing, printing at 200 degrees C baking willing 3H, often discolored temperature, the application can meet the ink its higher cost requirements. At present, some of the network printing industry developed countries have developed ink. The price of the finished product is relatively high, so the ink has a high use value, can replace similar imported ink, reduce the cost of printing production.


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