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How aluminum alloy doors and windows are waterproof.

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How aluminum alloy doors and windows are waterproof.

   Now, when people buy door and window equipment, they start to consider waterproof performance, there are many rainy seasons in the South, doors and windows equipment should be waterproof, so that customers can identify. Today, we will discuss how aluminum doors and windows are waterproof. Doors and windows are mainly mechanical components, so if not handled properly, leaks can easily occur in real works. The main reason is that the design of the profile drainage system is not enough, installation and construction is not in place, when the rain through the gap between the sealant and glass through the profile hole, can not drain in time, resulting in water accumulation. If it is long, rainwater penetrates the walls through the assembly gap of the profile, damaging the interior decoration. Therefore, when designing aluminum doors and windows for thermal fault bridges, drainage systems must be designed to avoid the possibility of water build-up and leakage.

   In the design of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the principle of equal static pressure is the most effective way to improve the water tightness of doors and windows. The aluminum alloy door and window water strips, the EPDM strips between the glass and the chassis support the heavy rain along the outer wall of the profile. A small amount of rainwater enters the profile cavity below the glass through a gap, opening the drainage port in the outer cavity of the profile, and a small amount of water is discharged along the designed drainage path into the window frame's water container. At the same time, the detailed design of the drip eaves is mainly designed to prevent the surface tension of water from flowing along the contour wall into the tube cavity.

  The overlap between the window sill and the sash is unsealed, the seams open to the outer atmosphere, and the internal and external pressure balance of the dead water drain is balanced, so the rainwater is discharged along the drain with its own gravity to the top of the aluminum outer window and I can move it. Install a sprinkler plate and a drainage unit at the lower part. Small gaps cannot be sealed with sealants and leaks occur, so aluminum doors and windows should minimize exposed seams. If the seam is inevitably exposed due to structural reasons, the profile will form 90 degrees on both contact surfaces at the seam, which is convenient for injection sealing.


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