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How to buy a glass cutter

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How to buy a glass cutter

In the field of glass deep processing, glass cutting machine is one of the common glass machinery. However, many glass processing enterprises still have a lot to do with procurement problems. So, how to choose and buy the right glass cutter?

The following points should be noted when purchasing:

1. Selection: according to the actual layout of the enterprise tailoring situation, choose suitable for their own, that is, glass cutting-oriented, that is, consider the basis of layout, do not wear small shoes, because of the normal wear of equipment and unnecessary capital investment.

2. Cutting accuracy: select according to your actual needs. This cannot be based on the introduction of the product manual and the manufacturer's words. At present, most manufacturers' technical parameters are not true. Go to the scene to see the actual demonstration and the actual use of glass manufacturers.

3. Cutting speed: Cutting speed is the main performance of the cutting machine. The cutting machine can only achieve the corresponding speed when the overall performance and compatibility of the mechanical and control components are good. Therefore, regardless of the actual need for speed, the speed of the cutter is the standard to judge the performance of the cutting machine.

4. Automatic layout optimization function: glass optimization level is an important guarantee of glass cutting rate. One-time computer optimization may not work. Whether the optimized secondary manual modification function is an important indicator to judge the progress of the optimized system.

5. Mechanical part: stability and accuracy of the guarantee, first of all, the mechanical part of the design and installation of the reasonableness will be an important factor. In order to ensure the flatness of mechanical parts, the parallelity of the two sides of the rail, how to prevent deformation, deformation after the correction is an important part of the detection of mechanical parts.   

6. Function: The function of the cutting machine is also an important symbol of the performance of the test cutting machine. Whether the pressure can be automatically adjusted, whether there is a special scanning function, whether there is a cutting limit function, etc.   It should be noted that in the procurement process, we should try our best to choose large brands of manufacturers cooperation, and according to our actual needs to choose.


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