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How to control product quality in all directions?

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How to control product quality in all directions?

Products in the design stage on the basic positioning, and then the quality of all rely on procurement, processing and manufacturing, packaging, transportation to ensure that these links are controlled, the quality of natural control. Therefore, product quality is achieved in the design and production process, quality is achieved through process management.

Companies can control product quality by:

①Establish a sense of quality.

Let employees realize: the quality of products is not good, products have no market, products do not have a market, enterprises will lose the source of profits, a long time, the enterprise will close down, followed by the loss of employment. Of course, even if the product market is good, but also to "live in peace and security", product quality to do a better job, to create a better corporate reputation.


All customer-centric, see themselves as customers, see themselves as operators of the next process, see themselves as consumers of products. In this way, in the work will consciously do a good job, we all do a good job, the quality of the product will be guaranteed, if in the work to cut materials, the harm will be their own vital interests.

③Establish a sense of quality prevention.

If quality control does not start at the source, it will be difficult to control the quality of the product. Even if a large number of inspection manpower is put into production to control, the cost of the product will be greatly increased due to the large number of secondary products and even scrap produced by the lack of control from the source. Moreover, some product quality problems may not be found and made up from the back process, which requires us to do things well in the first place to prevent quality problems.

④Establish a sense of quality procedures.

Quality management is the whole process, the whole company, and between the various processes, the work between the various departments of the company must be orderly and effective, requiring all quality management personnel, operators to do strictly in accordance with the procedures, if not according to the procedures of the opportunity to make mistakes will increase, the quality of the product can not be guaranteed.

⑤Establish a sense of responsibility for quality.

80% of quality problems are caused by management, while only 20% of problems originate with employees, that is, managers can control about 80% of defects, operators can control defects generally less than 20%. While the manager improves the management level, it is also necessary to make the operator understand the following four points: 1. the operator knows how and why he does this; 2. the operator knows whether the product he produces meets the specifications; 3. the operator knows what the consequences of not producing the product meets the specifications; and 4. the operator has the ability to handle the abnormal situation correctly.


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