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How to deal with the failure of the glass cutter.

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How to deal with the failure of the glass cutter.

     1.Cutting speed drop or diagonal change, may be synchronous belt over send or the two sides of the tension is not consistent caused. We can open the plate housing on both sides of the glass cutter, release the two sides of the tension, and adjust the synchronous band adjustment on both sides.   

     2.Cutting line is not transparent, not open: may be the wheel angle is not right or knife pressure is too small to cause. You can adjust the angle of the wheel or replace the appropriate wheel.   

     3.Cutting wire edge, may be due to the failure to fill oil or cutting pressure is too large. There are two ways to solve this, starting with oil injection or reducing knife pressure.

     4.Cutting size becomes larger or smaller, you can adjust the glass cutting machine drive settings.   

     5.No floating function, may be by the air road, fan damage or gas source triple block. Exclusion method: (1) dredging gas road, three joint parts;   

     6.Can not return to the mechanical origin, may be back to the mechanical origin proximity switch damaged, replace the origin switch can generally solve the problem.

     7.Can not be positive and negative limit when the need to replace the new limit switch.   

     8.The computer can not find the board (hardware) is usually caused by poor card contact. The board can be removed from the PCI slot and re-plugged.   

     9.Servo overvoltage alarm, by the servo motor power supply and ground wire fault caused, as long as the correction of the wrong wire head can be.

    10.Encoder communication protection is generally caused by the encoder contact book line dashed welding or breaking, re-welding encoder line can be.   

    11.Servo motor vibration is too large, at this time can adjust the rotation of the tightness or reduce the servo motor rigidity.   

    The fault repair of the glass cutter is important, but in daily use, it is best to take precautions. There are generally the following:

     1.Regular maintenance. 

     The fault of the glass cutter should be dealt with in a timely manner, and all kinds of maintenance and repair must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the equipment. Regular and irregular inspection, timely understanding of the operation of the glass cutter, the temporary failure, to deal with in a timely manner, do not because of small failures, does not affect the use of delay repair time, resulting in greater failure, or even safety accidents.

     2.Normal operating load.

     Be careful not to work under heavy loads that exceed the capacity of the equipment, and to use the equipment within its means. To try to level the machine load uniform addition and subtraction, so that the equipment in a more flat load changes, to prevent the decelerator, lifting system action of the big ups and downs.

     3.Glass machinery of the various departments of lubrication.

     Lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce mechanical failure. To this end, to choose lubricants reasonably, according to the application conditions of different choices of the corresponding lubricants or grease, and grasp the appropriate amount of quality oil, according to the requirements of the equipment to choose the corresponding quality grade and grade. In use, neither low-grade lubricant grease can be used, nor can other categories can be used instead, of course, not to use shoddy lubricant grease.

     4.Operator responsibilities division of responsibilities to reduce failures.

     First of all, according to the requirements of the inspection and repair system to carry out a reasonable division of labor between the post inspection and professional inspection, and then clear the corresponding responsibilities. Responsible there is pressure, there will be pressure, work can be carried out smoothly, and secondly, to develop the necessary incentive mechanism, awards and penalties, so that the post inspection can be long-term development.

    The above is how to deal with the failure of the glass cutter. Do not know how much you know, also do not understand nor relationship, you can contact us, we can also continue to pay attention to our website, we sincerely look forward to working with you!


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