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How to use the glass cutter

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How to use the glass cutter

     How to use the glass cutter

When we use glass cutters to see in advance to prepare to cut the glass, for the appearance of the glass we can not have white dots and scratches appearance, in the most basic conditions qualified, we can be in bulk production, and measurement time to cross the front to do the measurement object, when necessary also need to do a full inspection, when lifting the glass itself is not cracked, since the time to avoid lifting the glass automatically cracked. Let's take a look at how glass cutters are used.

1.Before cutting the cutting table beam on the tank filled with clean kerosene or cutting agent, and then adjust the corresponding angle cutting on the tank, so that the knife box linoleum filled with kerosene or cutting agent.   

2.Check the glass appearance of the waiter cut can not have white dots and scratching phenomenon.   

3.Push the beam, to be in position, and then push the beam to prevent collisions with each other.   

4.Glass cutting machine before power-up to check whether the machine line leakage phenomenon, there is a phenomenon of air leakage will never start.   

5.Turn on the power switch, to check the surface and rail on the obstacles, if there are obstacles must be removed.

6.By two people to cut the glass to the cutting table, adsorption strong, to prevent tremors. Before lifting the glass must confirm that the glass to be lifted there is no cracks in itself, to avoid the phenomenon of automatic separation of glass when lifting.   

7.Press the glass cutter blow button so that the glass floats on the table, and can move freely.   

8.Glass positioning, press the stop button, and then press the suction device to the glass firmly fixed in the specified position to achieve the effect of positioning.

9.When the cutting is complete, press the stop button, and then press the blow-off switch.   

10.When the cutting completed the whole piece of glass translation to the flap table, before panning to open the valve table blowing motor. After the first piece is confirmed to be qualified, it can be mass produced, and the first row of the horizontal vertical is used as the measuring object for full inspection if necessary.   

11.According to the knife marks vertical split into small pieces, the remaining material in the specified position. Place the glass on the back of the flap neatly and place it on the glass frame.   

12. Before shutting down, close all valves and release the remaining gas in the air road. Found that the pipeline has tempering phenomenon, to immediately power off the gas.

13.Clean the cutting table and the glass fragments on the flap table with a cloth. Glass cutting machine glass use of tools generally using diamond grinding head, with the spindle high-speed rotation, processing is actually grinding rather than cutting. With a special grinding head, it can be achieved for the ultra-thin glass opening, slotting, up and down disposable inverted, shape glass precision cutting, shape processing, chamfering, etc., the error can be controlled at .0.02 to 0.05mm, and the edge of the glass is not easy to collapse, broken. You can refer to this method during use, I hope you can help you.


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