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Structural components of a fully automatic hetero-cut machine

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Structural components of a fully automatic hetero-cut machine

  With the development of society, the use of automatic special-shaped cutting machine more and more extensive, as a professional fully automatic shaped cutting machine company, the following we will take you together to understand the structure of the automatic special-shaped cutting machine.

1.Table board: the use of waterproof plate.   

2.Rack / rail: the use of imported products, used in the X, Y direction to do high-precision straight-line motion.

3.Knife wheel: German-made, important cutting parts, installation of glass cutting head.

4.Tabletop: full of ventilation holes, air surface, black felt mat.

5.Knife holder: pneumatic, adjustable head pressure to adapt to different thicknessand and strength of glass cutting, in order to achieve a better cutting effect.

6.Conveyor: air surface, convenient glass movement, reduce the workload of staff.

7.Drivetrain: Japan AC servo system, so that the equipment performance is reliable, non-biased, high efficiency.

8.Cutting knife holder: the use of air pressure, the head 360 degrees rotation, up and down cutting. Can cut any shape of glass, straight line, round and shape, etc. to ensure that the glass to cut without any problems.

9.Oil supply mode: automatic oil injection device, oil pressure can be adjusted.

10.Positioning device: mechanical positioning and laser scanning dual positioning system (mechanical positioning by the positioning block completed, can initially position the glass, laser scanning, can accurately scan out the position of the glass, to improve the accuracy of glass cutting, while taking into account the template scanning).

  Fully automatic shaped cutting machine structural components we are introduced here, I hope the above content to help you.


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