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The application category of the special-shaped glass cutter.

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The application category of the special-shaped glass cutter.

  Special-shaped glass cutting machine, the whole machine has a stable, high-speed, high-precision superior function, can cut a variety of special shape, round, rectangular small pieces of glass, suitable for wall clocks, mobile phone glass and LCD flash screen and other professional glass cutting processing.

  Special-shaped glass cutting machine, the operation interface is simple, easy to understand, the glass cutter friendly operation tips function, fault diagnosis flash function, high-precision rail and ball wire rod transmission and extra head plan, rectangular glass cutting directly in the machine input generation, shape and round cutting with AutoCAD mapping, and then imported, all the operation process convenient and fast.

  High safety functions, workbench and work knife holder separate with front and rear, swing travel limit switch. In addition, the computer system also has a soft limit travel limit, to avoid accidental bumps of the knife frame and countertop, with double insurance effect;

  Through the computer cutting system, the glass of different thickness, different cutting speed, different shape glass cutting, the occurrence of different appropriate tool pressure, so that the cut out of the glass edge is smaller, the glass cutting machine accuracy is higher, the handling of the working speed and tool pressure of the adjustment opposition, the knife speed and the tool on the impact of the glass opposition.

  The special-shaped glass cutter is suitable for all types of photoglass, LCD, optical window, substrate, craft glass, optical glass, lens, mobile phone glass, mobile phone touch screen, liquid crystal flasher, amorphous silicon thin-film battery chip and other types of glass cutting.


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