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The cleaning method of the special glass cutter.

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The cleaning method of the special glass cutter.

  What is the cleaning method of the special-shaped glass cutter, for the glass cutter cleaning is very important, then this is also we think very key things, in fact, the reality is often the opposite, the cleaning of the special-shaped glass cutter is just the beginning, after the completion of there are still a lot of problems to be dealt with.

  Brush cleaning type: put the flat glass on the vertical glass cleaning machine, by the transmission roller holding the glass into the brush ingest room, by the spray of water brush ingress, and then into the flushing room, rinse with pure water.

  Then into the air-drying room with a special high-pressure fan completely stripped of the water film, to achieve a dry, clean cleaning effect, this type of vertical glass cleaner, characterized by power saving, but noise.

  Ultrasonic cleaning: ultrasonic vertical glass cleaning machine is mainly composed of the following components: cleaning tank, holding to be washed workpieces, made of stainless steel, installation of heating and temperature control devices. The bottom of the cleaning tank is bonded to the ultrasonic transducer. Transducer (ultrasonic generator): converts electrical energy into mechanical piezoelectric ceramic transducer, frequency and power depending on the specific model.

  The cleaning method of the special-shaped glass cutter is the relevant situation that we do well in life, only then can our special-shaped glass cutter be better maintained.


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