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The development prospects of glass cutters

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The development prospects of glass cutters

       Glass cutting machine refers to a processing machine specially designed for glass processing and materialing, glass cutting machine includes the first and last arrangement of the air-floating table, double-bridge overpass cutting table. As an improvement.

       The double-bridge overpass cutting table is provided with a glass conveyor containing a shaft, a number of conveyor wheels, motors and belts between the first straight beam in the first length direction of the upper frame and the third straight beam in the first straight beam in the direction of the lower frame length and the fourth straight beam in the direction of the lower frame length.

       The air-floating feeder is connected to the power control circuit of the motor in the tail end of the length direction of the countertop, in order to control the proximity switch of the motor, and the upper end of the proximity switch is slightly lower than the surface.

       It is now widely used and is becoming more and more popular. Today we learn about the future of glass cutters. Apply new machine kinematics theories and advanced drive technology to optimize machine structure, use high-performance functional components, lightweight moving parts, and reduce motion inertia. Supported by tool materials and structures.


        From a single-axis high-speed processing, to machine tool processing high-speed, such as rapid movement speed from a dozen meters per minute to tens of meters per minute and more than 100 meters. The application of high-speed processing technology to reduce cutting time and auxiliary time, so as to achieve high quality of processing and manufacturing.

        Through the optimization, manufacture and assembly of cutting machine structure, the precision of numerical control system and servo control, the adoption of high-precision functional components and the application of temperature and vibration error compensation technology.

        This can improve the geometric accuracy and motion accuracy of cutting machine, and reduce the shape error and surface roughness. At present, the cutting accuracy of precision CNC cutters can reach .0. 05mm, into the era of submillimeter finishing.

        The graphics of complex shapes play a very important role in the manufacture of products in the fields of aircraft, automobiles, construction, decoration, handicrafts and national defense industry, and their cutting accuracy directly affects the beauty and performance of the whole machine product.

       The arbitrary controllability of CNC cutting motion enables it to complete complex cutting that is difficult or impossible for ordinary cutting methods.

       The above introduction is the development of glass cutting machine, the society is constantly progressing, glass cutting machine is also constantly developing, the future is also very considerable.


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