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The main points of maintenance of the shaped glass cutter.

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The main points of maintenance of the shaped glass cutter.

   With the continuous development of science and technology, glass cutting technology and equipment has great potential and broad market prospects. In order to make everyone better use of the shaped glass cutter, the following small editor on a simple introduction to the maintenance and maintenance points of the shaped glass cutter:

一、Before the machine work must confirm that the laser tube is full of circulating water:

The shaped glass cutter automatically flows into the water tank, opens the water tank, removes the water pump, and removes dirt from the water pump. Clean the water tank, replace the circulating water, restore the water pump back to the water tank, the water pipe connecting the pump into the insulation, finishing the connectors. Power up the pump individually and run for 2-3 minutes (fill the laser tube with circulating water).

二、Fan cleaning:

The long-term use of the fan, will make the fan inside the accumulation of a lot of solid dust, so that the fan produces a lot of noise, but also not conducive to exhaust and odor removal. When there is insufficient fan suction smoke, first turn off the power supply, the fan's incoming and out of the air pipe removed, remove the dust inside, and then the fan upside down, and pull the inside of the wind leaves, until clean, and then install the fan.

三、Cleaning of the lenses (it is recommended to clean before daily work, the equipment must be turned off) Laser shaped glass cutter lenses in the center to the edge of the rotating wipe. The No. 3 lens and focus mirror need to be removed from the frame, wipe in the same way, wipe back as is.

Note:1.Lenses should be gently wiped, do not damage the surface coating (metal wood coating lenses more durable).

2.The wiping process should be lightly placed to prevent falling.

3.Focus mirror installation must be kept concave face down.

四、The cleaning of the rails (recommended cleaning frequency cycle: half a month, shutdown operation) the rails and straight shafts are one of the core components of the equipment, and their function is to guide and support. In order to maintain the high processing accuracy of the machine, it is required that its guide rails, straight lines have high guidance accuracy and good processing quality of the shaped glass cutting machine, we should do a good job in the daily maintenance of the guide rails, linear shafts.



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