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The role of glass cutters in the making of optical glass.

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The role of glass cutters in the making of optical glass.

   Optical glass in the processing of parts, because of the high hardness of optical glass plasticity difference characteristics, to cutting processing has brought great difficulties, in order to solve the problems encountered in cutting processing, glass cutting machine solved this problem. Optical glass cutting by the application and improvement of optical glass preparation process, highly transparent and optically uniform glass, but also makes it easier for glass cutter manufacturers to produce large-scale working substrate materials at a lower cost.

Here is an introduction to the role of glass cutters in the production of optical glass, there are four main points:

(1) The substrate glass is easy to change, the composition and performance of the base glass changes greatly, the type and quantity of activators added are not limited, it is easy to develop into a series of laser glass with various characteristics.

(2) Easy molding processing. Glass cutting machine using optical glass thermoforming and cold processing technology, laser glass easy to form directly into rods, pieces, silk and other shapes, and grinding into a high-precision optical surface to meet the development needs of various device structures.

(3) According to the short-range order of glass structure, long-range disorder and so on, the structural defects in the glass on the breaking performance of the glass has little impact, easy to eliminate, easy to obtain the large volume of the isotropic uniform working material, the glass is more important laser glass. Because it can produce a laser at room temperature, the annihilation effect at temperature is small, the absorption efficiency of light pump is high, and the light-emitting quantum efficiency is high.

(4) Laser glass is composed of substrate glass and activated ions, the physical and chemical properties of laser glass are mainly determined by the substrate glass, the spectral performance is mainly determined by activated ions, but the substrate glass interacts with activated ions, so activated ions have a certain effect on P. The physical and chemical properties of laser glass, as well as the effect of substrate glass on its spectral properties, are sometimes very important.


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