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The value of the use of the glass top cutting all-in-one machine.

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       The value of the use of the glass top cutting all-in-one machine.

 Understand the use of glass top cutting machine value, automatic cutting machine as a new glass production and processing process, in the glass cutting plays an important role. In today's automated production line, fully automatic equipment has replaced the traditional pure labor, machines slowly replace human labor. The glass top cutting all-in-one also replaces the traditional glass cutter, more efficient. So do you know what value you can bring to you when you choose a glass top cutting all-in-one?

  1.Save labor costs.

Can reduce the labor of more than 50%, and no need to calculate the number of personnel, greatly reduce production costs.

  2.Save on raw material costs.

The optimization software adopts the new algorithm from abroad, the optimization rate is high, the operation speed is fast, the residual material can be optimized for utilization, and the cutting scheme is scientific and reasonable.

  3.Save time and cost.

Fully automatic cutting, cutting speed of up to 100 meters / minute, can greatly improve work efficiency, no idle phenomenon, is the general labor efficiency of 3-4 times.

  4.Save on training costs.

Fully intelligent operation, workers do not need training, generally 15 minutes to master the whole process of cutting.

  5.Save on maintenance costs.

The complete system, high degree of modularity, in addition to the addition of lubricants and other routine maintenance, no special maintenance.

  6.Improve the competitiveness of enterprise products.

High-precision cutting, further provide users with high-quality products, conducive to the expansion of the customer market, is a symbol of enterprise strength.

 7.Reduce special enterprise challenges.

The use of glass cutting software, equipped with cutting, optimization of the layout system, simple operation, high processing accuracy, cutting speed can be arbitrarily adjusted. Rich in the shape of the gallery, smooth cutting, so that the enterprise cutting no longer difficult. Therefore, at the same market price, the use of cutting machine can greatly save raw materials and labor costs.

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