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2500 Big Size Automatic Glass Washing And Drying Machine

Working size :2500*3500mm
Washing thickness:3-19 mm(automatic thickness adjusting)
Brusher: 6 pcs
Hot knife: 2 pair
Rubber roller with brusher: 3 pair
  • LB2500
  • Eworld

1.Technical parameters:

Working size :2500*3500mm

Washing thickness:3-19 mmautomatic thickness adjusting

Brusher: 6 pcs

Hot knife: 2 pair

Rubber roller with brusher: 3 pair

Rubber roller for water deleting: 1 pair

Total power:31 KW

Feeding section:3500*700*3000mm(Length*Width*Height)

Washing and Drying section:2200*1200*3500mm(L*W*H)

Outlet section:3500*700*3000mm(L*W*H)

Can wash LOW-E Glass/Multi-coated glass



· It is painted by an electrostatic paint for protection against a rust and scratchs.

· Conic moving gears are made from a special steel alloy.

· Nuts corrosion-proof, apertures for nuts aluminium.

· A working direction of action with left on the right party.

· Brushes from above and from below have adjustment for approach.

· The electro system corresponds to safety rules.

· Heating up plates and water tank from stainless steel.

· Special brushes for reflecting glasses.

· Adjustment of speed of a running tape.

· Covers stainless steel windows.

· LOW-E option

· Power: 380V 50HZ 3 phase or 3 Phase,220v ,60hz

· CE CERTIFICATE for European Union 

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