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Aluminum profile cutting double miter saw from Eworld Machine

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With the development of the window door industry, more and more advanced equipment have been designed and produced to decrease the human labor and make the production easier. Today I would introduce one kind of new model full-automatic machine for the Aluminum profile window and door cutting processing.



Miter saws are very important and necessary for carpentry work. Miter saws that have different types to provide the most versatile cutting options. Among all kinds of various types of miter saw, the double miter saw is one of the most widely used applications.

Let me tell you the reasons why we need to choose the double miter saw. Double miter saw includes two saw blades that could provide two complementary bevel miter cuts without resetting the head. This feature will obviously vary depending on manufacturer but usually double miter saws provide such benefits as follows:

· Enable the production of continuous production and repetitive high volume

· Provide minute variations in the cutting

· May calibrated scales and fences

· Hold the tweezers,

· Dust filters, connection port or an internal system to collect dust


The user-friendly control panel installed on the various models ,runs on bearing and allows corrected positioning of the moving cutting heads according to cutting specifications.The work cycle is optimized through creation of the cutting lists thus reducing scrap as well as work piece loading/unloading times.

Cutting chart


 FEATURES:1. Two heads with cutting angles 90, 45, 67.5 (22.5) degrees are available.

2. Automatic feed and cycle run.

3. Touch screen and CNC control system, with high accuracy.

4. Digital display with high positioning accuracy.

5. Cushioned pneumatic clamping by push button.

6. Rack and pinion drive on traveling head with digital positioning. 


This Advantage of double miter saw products. You can compare that with another type miter saws. Do not hesitate, to purchase this product, because it will help facilitate your work.



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