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Company News

  • Jun
    Aluminum profile cutting double miter saw from Eworld Machine

    With the development of the window door industry, more and more advanced equipment have been designed and produced to decrease the human labor and make the production easier. Today I would introduce one kind of new model full-automatic machine for the Aluminum profile window and door cutting process

  • May
    China curtain wall and glass situation

    Eworld machine is the leading supplier for the glass cutting machine,glass edging machine,insulating glass machine,glass laminating machine,glass washing machine,glass lifting machine,PVC window machine,aluminum window machine,we think the glass ,curtain wall market as follows:  First, the market de

  • Oct
    Glass handling tool Glass Handling Tools and Equipment Market Current and Upcoming Projects

    Glass Handling Tools and Equipment Market report evaluate the current opportunity and the future potential of the Glass Handling Tools and Equipment market over the coming decade. Based on various parameters, Glass Handling Tools and Equipment Market provides complete analysis of manufacturers, supp

  • Sep
    CNC router purpose

    There are many kinds of sign making equipment, such as UV printer, vinyl plotter etc. CNC router is also one kind of advertising equipment. It mainly engrave, cut, drill on hard work piece surface, such as acrylic, ACP, plastic, copper, aluminium etc. Then what kind of and signage can be worked out

  • Jul
    Advantages of EVA Interlayer Film Comparing to PVB Interlayer film

    EVA Interlayer Film and PVB Interlayer Film are both used to make laminated glass.PVB Interlayer Films have been used to make laminated glass for about 40 years.And EVA Interlayer Filmshave been used to make laminated glass for about 15 years.Laminated glass is popular used as safety gla

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Contact us

Tel: +86-531-58550609
Phone: +86-15665767071    
Skype: eworldmachine
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