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CNC router purpose

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There are many kinds of sign making equipment, such as UV printer, vinyl plotter etc. CNC router is also one kind of advertising equipment. It mainly engrave, cut, drill on hard work piece surface, such as acrylic, ACP, plastic, copper, aluminium etc. Then what kind of  and signage can be worked out by cnc router? Outdoor SignFor outdoor sign, usually following signs can be worked by cnc router:  Architectural Sign, company sign, outdoor directional& way-finding sign, yard&sidewalk sign. Such as exterior directories, LED displays, outdoor dimensional lettering, outdoor routed sign.



Indoor SignFor indoor sign, usually following signs can be worked by cnc router: labels, indoor directional& way-finding signs, engraved signs&plaques(exterior engraved sign,dedication plaque, engraved office sign, engraved wood frame), interior directories

Within the sign industry there are a multitude of materials that can be adapted for processing by cnc router. For exterior applications, we implement the use of aluminum, natural stone, and acrylics, along with a number of other materials to create an effective signage system. Within the interior of a space, the selections of material come with a wide array of choices. This is only limited by your designer’s imagination. Materials such as plastic, acrylic, ACP, wood, ABS etc all suitable for cnc router processing.Eworld Machine offers different router to meet the demand of indoor&outdoor advertising requirement. Working Dimension: 300mm*300mm, 600*900mm, 1200*1200mm, 1200*1800mm, 1200*2400mm, 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, 2000*3000mm and other size you require. Working Power: 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3kw, 4.5kw and more. Usually acrylic, ACP, plastic requires lower power, 3kw or lower power is good enough, in case you process stone, suggest you 3kw or above.



Control System: Eworld Machine offer handheld control system and PC platform control system. With handheld control system, you can control machine and leave the PC to do other work, with PC platform system, you just like works on PC. Both systems could estimate the whole processing time, very friendly design.




Check Eworld Machine cnc router series:  If you are not sure which cnc router is suitable for you, send us email to  or contact on skype: eworldmachine  




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