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China curtain wall and glass situation

Views: 21     Author: Eworld machine     Publish Time: 2019-05-03      Origin: Eworld Machine


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China curtain wall and glass situation

Eworld machine is the leading supplier for the glass cutting machine,glass edging machine,insulating glass machine,glass laminating machine,glass washing machine,glass lifting machine,PVC window machine,aluminum window machine,we think the glass ,curtain wall market as follows:


First, the market demand to achieve the industry, curtain wall Consulting industry in the construction of the project has played an important role. Curtain wall By its novel shape, exterior form rich and varied, especially the glass curtain wall has a lightweight, light transmittance, high strength, durable unique advantages, more than 500 of the height of skyscrapers are using glass curtain wall. With the rapid development of China's economy, 2000 years later, China began to build a large number of curtain wall buildings, curtain wall consulting industry in recent years in the domestic vigorous development, the main performance of the following aspects:


(1) The size of the curtain wall is getting larger and more complex, Architects and owners in the early stage of the design phase urgently need to find a curtain wall consulting company to participate in the curtain wall pre-design stage to put forward rationalization proposals, including: curtain wall material selection, structural force, cost control, etc.


(2) Subcontracting form by the early curtain wall project by the owner to the construction party turnkey package, the construction side subcontracted to the curtain wall Deepening the design by the curtain Wall company responsible for construction, with the increase in the volume of curtain wall building, curtain wall is the key perimeter protection structure, party A in order to better control the cost and façade effect, began to change the form of outsourcing from the previous large total package, changed from the owner directly subcontracted to the curtain wall company,   Owners need to find a professional curtain wall design consulting company to provide tender drawings.   


(3) Curtain wall belongs to the professional industry, the owner needs to find a third party consulting company for its in the construction stage to control the quality. Curtain Wall Consulting company can provide quality programs and technical consulting services to owners from the whole process of building design stage, material selection, cost accounting, bidding stage, construction process and so on. In recent years, curtain wall consulting companies have played an important role in a large number of buildings.


Second, the curtain wall consulting industry faces problems and difficulties


 1, curtain wall technical personnel construction curtain wall consulting company backbone strength mainly from the curtain wall Engineering company, the current colleges and universities do not open curtain wall professional, engaged in curtain wall professional technical personnel generally from civil engineering, mechanical professionals to society after the curtain wall company gradually grow.   With the rapid development of curtain wall consulting company and curtain wall Engineering company, in the design, materials to construction technology are comprehensive technical personnel are lacking.   


2, the evaluation of the title of the industry practitioners at present in many areas of the curtain wall practitioners of the title evaluation Professional is "decoration category", it is understood that some areas of China's curtain wall industry title evaluation Professional is more flexible, such as structure (curtain wall), machinery (curtain wall), it is recommended that the title Evaluation department to learn from the management model of


3, the industry has uneven technical level, random charges of vicious competition chaos because the consulting company does not have the qualification requirements, so a few people's small team can set up curtain wall consulting company, in order to survive only low price to undertake business, small team technical strength is not enough, difficult to be competent for large, complex projects. Suggest that the industry according to their own strength to do what you can, enterprises only a certain amount of profit in order to provide owners with better and more valuable services, quality of survival is the only way for enterprise development.


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