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EuroWindoor Daylight Conference at the “glasstec”: Improved health, concentration and performance

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Interest in the “Daylight by EuroWindoor: the use of daylight in buildings – fundamentals and planning” conference, which was held on 24 October 2018 at the “glasstec” in Dusseldorf, was therefore accordingly great.

Hosted by EuroWindoor Vice President Helle Carlsen Nielsen, speakers presented the latest findings from daylight research and the skilful implementation of these in the building planning process as well as the new European standard EN 17037 for daylight in buildings which will be published in autumn 2018.

The presentations by the daylight standardisation experts Prof. Marc Fontoynont, renowned German light planner Prof. Peter Andres as well as Markus Broich from the Bundesverband Flachglas (Federal Flat Glass Association) and Ferdinand Friedrichs from the Verband Fenster + Fassade (Window and Curtain Walling Manufacturers’ Association) highlighted, partly proven by empirical research, the full significance of daylight in buildings as well as the latest draft standards.

The EuroWindoor Daylight conference was immensely popular. (photo: EuroWindoor)

“I don’t really think that our sector is fully aware yet of the significance of daylight for our health, wellbeing, concentration and performance. Hereby the immense interest in this event and the animated discussions have shown that this subject is relevant today,” emphasised Frank Koos, EuroWindoor Secretary General. “There is hardly a stronger argument in the planning and sale of large glazed elements, whether as windows or as part of a transparent facade, than daylight.”

On the morning of 24 October 2018, EuroWindoor presented the findings of the EuroWindoor study on the use of windows and external doors out of wood once they are no longer in use (End-of-Life Treatment).

In the morning, at the EuroWindoor “End-of-Life Study” presentation: Frank Koos, Helle Carlsen Nielsen and David McKinnon (from left to right). (photo: EuroWindoor)

According to this, in Europe more than 50 per cent of the wood of these elements does not go to landfill, as outlined in the European draft standard for the compilation of environmental product declarations but into thermal recovery (incineration) or recycling.

In his presentation on the study findings, David McKinnon from the Danish consultancy Ramboll, emphasised that the European Committee for Standardisation CEN has amended the final draft of EN 17213 “Windows and Doors – Environmental Product Declarations – Product Category Rules for Windows and Doors” accordingly.


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