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Automatic Insulating Glass Machine

.Insulating glass line with high automatic level is fully controlled by PLC system,the operation is easy and humanized

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LBZ 2000 insulating glass production line

Specific information


insulating glass production line  is the essential machine of insulating glass produciton line, it can make stepped glass, shaped glass, double layers and three layers.

This Insulating Glass Machine is special equipment for aluminum groove type insulating glass,  it can make two-layer and three-layer insulating glasses with equal and unequal glass sheets


1.Lead-in conveyer:3000*800*3200mm(Length*Width*Height)

2.Washing and Drying section:2200*1500*3600mm(L*W*H)

3.Inspecting section:3000*800*3200mm(L*W*H)

4.Frane mounting section:3000*800*3200mm(L*W*H)

5.Plate press section:3200*1500*3500mm(L*W*H)

6.Tilting Table:3000*1100*3200mm(L*W*H)


1.Insulating glass line with high automatic level is fully controlled by PLC system,the operation is easy and humanized

2. Touch screen operation interface.It is easy to transfer between automation and hand-operation

3. Self diagnosis system brings much high convenience to the user

4. Automatically distinguish the film of LOW-E and coated glass

5. The washing part is completely made of stainless steel, tempered glass door makes the operation inside clearly monitored, Signal switch on the top of the door avoid possible injure to the operater

6. Energy saving and interrupted system for the washing machine

7.Unique water nozzle design makes the maintenance easy and fast

8.Heating system for the water and blowing air. Start it when the ambient temperature no more than 7 degree

9.Automatic control 6 pcs brushers for Glass

10.There is special system for Producing triple insulating glass

11. Having system for wrong operation and automatically wait the second glass following.

12. Automatic assembly inside the press machine

13.High class casting and processing of spare parts assure good stability of the line

14.The key connections use expanded joint in stead of common union.This guarantee high adjustment precision and conveying reliability

Main technique parameter

Max working size


Min working size


Single Glass Thickness


Max IGU thickness


Washing speed


Conveyor speed



3040 seconds(900*1200mm)


4 paris( two pairs for LOW-E)

Brusher Diameter

Rough: 0.1mm, Fine: 0.06mm

Electricity power

3P 380V/50HZ or 3P 220V/60HZ




0.5 ton per day

Air Exhaust volume


Air pressure



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