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How to invest UPVC windows factory

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Aluminum or PVC-U window is being made from Aluminum or UPVC profile, window accessoried

and Glass.

To produce an Aluminum or PVC window you have to do the following steps:

1.Cut the profiles (Aluminum or uPVC Profile, reinforcement and Glazing bead)

2. Put reinforcement profile inside the upvc profiles

3.Screw reinforcement profile into the pvc profile

4.En mill the mullions

5.Open the holes for the door handles

6.Weld upvc profile for crimping aluminum profile

7.Clean the welded corners of upvc profile

8.Assemble windows


We will explain each step in details and introduce you the appropriate PVC window machines.

For selecting right Aluminum & PVC window machinery, first question is that how many windows

and/or doors you aim to produce per day. Answer to this subject leads you to know what you require

. For example, to produce 10 – 15 normal window or door per 8 hours, it is enough to set up a standard

single-head set of PVC window and door machines, and for output of 25 – 30 normal window and doors per 8 hours, the standard two head PVC window and door machine set

is required. You may need CNC PVC window and door machines to make more than 100 products per day.

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