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Manufacture laminated glass FAQ

Views: 1     Author: Eworld Machine     Publish Time: 2018-07-26      Origin: Eworld Machine


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1.) The plainness of the glass is poor (especially the tempered glass). Make sure the inserted film is thicker than the deformation scale of the two overlapping glasses.

2.) The film has not completely melted. Please raise the temperature or increase the time of heat-holding!

3.) Stop the vacuum pump two early. Don’t stop the vacuum pump until the temperature bellows 50℃.

4.) The Silicon Bag is leaking. Please replace the Silicon Bag to unsure that the vacuum value reaches 0.095Mpa.


Please fully confirm the corrosive and permeability of the edge sealing reagent and glass glue before using, for those may lead to films breaking away from glasses!

clear sample 1

2.Bubbles of Laminated Glass with EVA Film Interlayer

By Ewin Wang

We have seen a situation in this way: Bubbles comes out in the Laminated Glass. And we checks all the details of vacuuming and vacuuming is definitely no problem.

But the bubbles still comes out in the laminated glass. And the bubbles are regular and on lines.

Finally we realized that the bubble lines are right upon the heating pipes.

So we reduced the temperatures and did the test. Then no bubbles comes out, but some part of laminated glass is not very transparent.

So we know the reason:

Because the heating pipes are under silicon bag, when laminating glass, the part of laminated glass right upon the heating pipes are in higher temperature. And the temperature inside the oven is not in average.

Remember that when the temperature is too high, the copolymer will be breaking up and produce gas which would cause bubbles inside laminated glass.

So we suggest you using the wind-cycle-heating laminating machine to make sure the temperature inside oven is in average.

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