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Air Float Glass Breaking Table(Tilting Option)

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Air Float Glass Breaking Table(Tilting Option)

01 (2)


  1. This machine working surface is equipped with air float blowersystem for easy handing and shifting movement of the glass.

  2. X and Y breaking bars can be activated by individual foot pedal switch to control each work position fpr large size breaking.

  3. With hydraulically qoerated tilting table for stable and smooth ascending and descending motion.

  4. Automatic loading bar for catching the glass to ensure safety during loading of glass. It is automatically lifting which is controlled by the control switch with the tilting.

Technical Parameter:

Input Power 380V/50Hz   220V/60Hz
Power 1.5KW
Table Size 2200*3600mm
Weight 800KGS
Breaking Bars 3PCS


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