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Digital Display Double Head Cutting Saw

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Digital Display Double Head Cutting Saw

Digital Display Double Head Cutting Saw

Product Details:

  1. Imported carbide saw blade gives accurate processing and high endurance.

  2. Imported linear bearing motion pair ensures steady processing accuracy.

  3. Saw Blade rotates smoothly due to high accurant main shaft.

  4. Uniform speed feeding and smooth motion due to airdraulic damping.

  5. Auto-opening guard shield ensures saft operation.

  6. Auto-induction middle profile supporter and following convention mak the loading and clamping convenient.

  7. Adopts imported linear guide pair, with high accuracy and long service life.

Technical Parameter:

Input Voltage3P,380V/50Hz
Input Power4.4KW/6KW
Air Pressure


Air Consumption200L/min
Motor Rotation Speed2800r/min
Cutting Length400~4200mm
Cutting Length Tolerance+0.005
Cutting Angles90,45,67.5Degree
Cutting Width*Height500./600:130/170*300mm(90) 130/170*200mm(45)
Saw Blade Standard500/300*30


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