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Electric Battery Vacuum Glass Lifter

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Electric Battery Vacuum Glass Lifter

Technical Parameter:

Model PB200


Work Load Limit 200KG 300KKG 300KG
Net Weight 75KG 85KG 95KG
Sucker Diameter 12"(300mm) 12"(300mm) 12"(300mm)
Sucker No 2pcs 4pcs 4pcs
360 Rotating(Vertical) Yes Yes Yes
Inclined Angle 75~110 Degree 77~110 Degree 77~110 Degree
Turn Left(Right) 90 Degree 90 Degree 90 Degree
Horizontal Setting No No 0~300mm


  1. This model adapted electriccity battery, which is equipped with digita display to show the Volt,battery use capability and working hour.

  2. Battery indicator have automatic low volt/low electricity alarm.

  3. Automatic pressure holding system with SMC valve to ensure the battery have long time to use.

  4. 4-5 seconds starting time,40-50 minutes pressure holding time.



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