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EWORLD Lock Hole Copy Milling Machine

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EWORLD Lock Hole Copy Milling Machine

Equipment Details:

1).It is a special machine used for processing transmission device installing holes and grooves for PVC/UPVC/plastic/Vinyl and aluminum doors and windows.


2).It consists of long horizontal holes, and the copy routing of vertical long holes.


3).The belt is accelerated to achieve the high milling speed (12000 r/min).


4).With the pneumatic driving system,it can process the water slots. Both vertical and horizontal  processing is available with only one clamping. One time clamping can achieve 2 working procedures which ensures the precise position between holes and grooves efficiently. 1 cutter is for  the lock hole milling, 3 cutters are for the copy-router milling. This machine can also make water slot milling.


5).The lock hole milling machine has two funtions: copy-routing, lock hole milling, sometimes, you donot need to buy the copy-routing machine, just buy this lock hole milling machine is enough. This machine can also make Aluminum window profile.


6).Before you buy the machine, please make sure then tell me your local power supply,then we can make the right according to your true voltage. 

Technical Parameter:

Working Air Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Air Consumption 30L/min
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Input Power 1.85KW(0.75KW,1.1KW)
Copy-Routing Range 300*100mm
Outside Dimension 1000*1130*1500mm


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