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Multi-Function Safety EVA Smart Glass Laminating Machine

Multi-Function Safety EVA Smart Glass Laminating Machine can produce the traditional laminated glass, also can make different laminated glass with different material, such as silk, cloth, metallic braid and so on,in the middle between the two glasses, use EVA film
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Multi-Function Safety EVA Smart Glass Laminating Machine


This machine can produce the traditional laminated glass, also can make different laminated glass with different material, such as silk, cloth, metallic braid and so on,in the middle between the two glasses, use EVA film. If you add the material differently, the use effect is also different. These products also have many kinds of functions like sound-insulated, the heat insulation, the explosion-proof, bullet proof and so on.,have been widely used and well in demand for home,bank,hostipal,store,show-room,Image CIS and so on.This machine can produce all kinds of laminated glass, such as safety glass, bullet-proof glass, metal wire-reinforced glass, decoration marble glass, decoration glass, double-decked steel marble glass, color silk glass, color portrait glass, and so on.


2.Equipment element:

1) two beds,

2)Air Storage tank

3) Silicone bag

4) Vacuum pump


6)Special Cotton for Keeping Temperature

7)Famous Electricity parts with long life

8) Automatic Program alarm system(to warn you after one process finish)

9automatic lifter


3.Product main use

Construction of inner wall glass, bulletproof glass, high-level office block, CIS enterprise image, furniture, church, dance floor, villa, valance curtain, wall windowpane, tabletop, craft glass and so on.

4. Advantage

Does not require extensive financial investments, the security results is high, effective and reliable. Short production cycle, occupies minimum size of factory area.


Guarantee 12 months after installation

After-sale services:


Regular maintenance is very important for machine. Should observe the operation of machinery - mobile system (the chain wheel), gas road system (trachea cylinder), the vacuum system (vacuum trachea), the electrical system (fuse exchanges and contacts), When abnormal accident, immediately press"exigency stop" Check in time and make the maintenance, Restart after troubleshooting.


1.Should have 3-phase 4-wire system of AC power,space without dust.
2.Table to be ensure that the level of display, docking, fixed good.
3.After meeting the requirements, make circuit, gas in reliable road link.

3.After-sales service

One year warranty under normal operation,we can send engineer to make installation and train your worker in your location

Working video: Yes


Technical Parameter

· Overall dimension: 5200*2000*1600mm

· Power: 380V 50HZ/ 220V 60HZ

· Total power: 35kw

· Amper: 100 A

· Vaccum time: 5 minutes

· Heating time in Low temperature: 5 minutes

· Heating time in high temperature: 25 minutes

· Keeping temperature time: 35 minutes

· Cooling time: 15 min

· Heating temperature: 110-130 degree

· Working dimension; 2500*1800mm

· Layer: can up to 5 layers

· Weight: 1800kg

We are quite flexible to satisfy every customers  request

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