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Vertical Glass Drilling Machine

Vertical glass drilling machine
  • WD900

Vertical glass drilling machine

主要特点  The Main Features

●钻头转速能变频调速 Drilling speed is adjusted by frequency converter

●前后钻孔,镭射定位 Front and back drill holes, laser position

●电动升降玻璃 Electrically control glass up and down

●操作简单,占地小 Simple operation, small floor space.

主要技术参数  The Main Technical Parameters

型号 Model WD900

孔中心到边最大距离 Max. Hole Center 900mm

玻璃厚度 Glass Thickness 3-30mm

钻孔直径 Drilling Diameter 5-150mm

功率 Power 2.5kW

重量 Weight 600kg

占地面积 External Dimensions 2800×1100×2100mm 

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