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How to improve the precision of glass cutter mold

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How to improve the precision of glass cutter mold

   How to improve the accuracy of glass cutting machine mold, automatic glass cutting machine mold is good or bad, the main factors are the accuracy of the machine tool, electrode wire loss, and to avoid or improve the accuracy of the main method of mold has the following points.

   First of all, the fully automatic glass cutting machine wire cutting mold before, must check the bearing status of the guide wheel, to see if the guide wheel bearing movement balance is intact.

  Secondly, the electrode wire has a certain tension, after a period of use of automatic glass cutting machine surface loss will become longer;

  In addition, the line cutting parameters mainly include pulse current, pulse width, pulse interval and so on.

  How to improve the accuracy of the glass cutting machine mold to introduce to you here, if you have other problems with the glass cutting machine, welcome to inquire.



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