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PLC Control Insulating Glass Production Line

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PLC Control Insulating Glass Production Line

Product Description:

PLC control, touch screen human-machine interface.

LOW-E shape glass,coating film glass insulting glass production.

  1. The application of imported vacuum generator and suction cup make better glass catching effect.

  2. Three pairs of glass cleaning hairbrushes rotation speed can be driven by frequency conversion.

  3. Big-small sized and three layer insulating glass,step insulating glass can be produced according to customer requirment(optional)

  4. Digital controlled assem,bling line to save production time and improve efficiency.

  5. Washing section is made with stainless steel and resistance material.

  6. All electric appliances are selected from famous international brand.

Technical Parameter:

Power Supply380V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz
Max Size2000*2500mm2000*3000mm2500*3600mm
Min Size300*500mm300*500mm300*500mm
Glass Thickness3-12mm3-12mm3-12mm
Transport Speed8-45m/min8-45m/min8-45m/min
Overall Dimension19000*1800*3100mm22000*1800*3100mm26000*1800*3600mm


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