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The advantages of plastic steel doors and windows.

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The advantages of plastic steel doors and windows.

①Good air tightness: plastic steel doors and windows equipment are equipped with three yuan a plastic tight closed strip, gap unit length ventilation in 2.5m3/h.m below in the room with cold and heating facilities, can fully extend the air conditioning effect, and can save energy materials.

②Good warmth: the thermal conductivity of plastic steel is low, the insulation effect is 1250 times better than aluminum, coupled with satisfactory air tightness, in the cold areas despite the outdoor minus 10 degrees, the house is another world.

③Impact resistance: the use of special impact-resistant according to prescription dispensing, profiles at -10 degrees C can bear 1kg hammer, from 1 meter high free fall of the cold shock attempt no cracks.

④Anti-aging: the use of imported modifiers, raw materials added UV light reference agent, between -30 degrees C to 70 degrees C hot sun, rainstorms, dry, moisture changes in the color change, not aging, not brittle.

⑤Good fire resistance: plastic steel doors and windows equipment for good fire-fighting materials, do not automatically burn, do not help with combustion, can self-extinguishing, is the ideal choice.

Sound insulation is good: its structure is carefully preset, seams tight, try the final result, soundproofing s25dB in line with the provisions of DIDN4109.

⑥Protection and conditioning is easy: plastic steel profiles are not peeled, and will not fade yellow, not affected by gray, shimin soil and adhesives, almost no need to protect the conditioning, dirt, can be used no matter what cleaning agent, after cleaning snow white as early as the beginning.

⑦Scientific presets: plastic steel doors and windows equipment using reasonable energy-saving profiles, through scientific presets for the traditional, modern construction of color.

⑧Good anti-theft: plastic steel doors and windows equipment, equipped with well-furnished metal components, the window preset glass card strip, so that the thief helpless.

⑨Non-corrosion: plastic steel doors and windows equipment is not subject to any acid and alkali drug peeling, not affected by exhaust gases and salts, very suitable for coastal areas, heavy industrial areas. 

⑩Good water tightness: water absorption rate of 0.1%, doors and windows pre-provisioned rain-proof plate, drain hole, can be absolutely isolated from the outdoor rainwater, water tightness in accordance with THEN18055 regulations.


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