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The cushioning device of the glass cutter is accessed.

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The cushioning device of the glass cutter is accessed.

  The composition of the glass cutting machine has many devices, one of which is a buffer device, this device is also in need of our regular maintenance, below we will introduce is the glass cutting machine buffer device maintenance.

  Glass cutter buffer maintenance, cleaning the surface of mechanical hooks and hooks, should be used cold washing method. Measure the hook hook-tongue gap. The glass cutter checks the wear condition of the parts and components of the hook head, and inspects the hook lock connecting rod, hoop, hook lock and tongue pin.

  Paint and lubricate hook components and lubricate and assemble the center shaft. Clean, inspect, lubricate and paint the connecting rods, perform non-destructive testing and replace all washers, bearing in note that the connecting rods must not inspect the drop support, ground cables and hoses. Check the manual unhooked steel rope.

  Glass cutters generally overhaul the cycle of 25d. The mechanical components are decomposed and cleaned. Check and clean the electrical box and replace the contacts and seals. Repair mechanical components, replace solenoid valves, seals and limit switches, and magnetic powder detection of hook tongues, etc.

  Paint, assembly and test bench tests were carried out, and test bench tests were carried out for hook hook hooking and decoupling tests and air tightness tests. The bearings used in the fully automatic hook easing unit are self-lubricating maintenance-free bearings and do not require special lubrication or maintenance during use.

  The air path connector access repairs the air path connector as follows: cleaning and checking the parts for damage, replacing the damaged parts, replacing the rubber seal of the main air pipe and unhooking the spring valve to the interface, and replacing the rubber tube of the main air pipe and the unhooked wind pipe.

  Glass cutter buffer access, buffer device is divided into renewable buffer and non-renewable buffer two types, renewable buffer has a double-acting ring spring buffer, rubber buffer, hydraulic buffer and gas buffer, etc. , the crushing pipe is a non-renewable buffer.   

  The above is about the glass cutter buffer maintenance, in the maintenance should pay attention to safety, unplug the power supply in advance.


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