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Product Description:

①The rotary shaft of the cutter head adopts an integrated type through-type rotary shaft, which is not connected with other workpieces to avoid errors during operation and ensure high precision when cutting.


②Integral guide rail rack technology: The guide rails are seamlessly embedded in a high-strength steel frame that has been machined by a CNC machining center. The guide rail racks are of a homogenous one-piece structure, which allows the linear expansion coefficients to be synchronized to ensure high operation. Rigidity, high stability and high accuracy.


③The cutting bridge adopts the aerospace aluminum-magnesium alloy as an integral casting molding, and is processed with precision machining in the CNC machining center, which is light and strong. In the long-term continuous production, there will be no error in accuracy due to vibration or weld cracking. Cutting speed reached an astonishing 160m/min, acceleration 10. square/s


④Specially modulated steel frame: After using high-quality steel to eliminate stress after being placed outside for six months, the use of flame-retarding technology eliminates the residual internal stress of the material and ensures that the frame does not deform at a later stage. The thickness of the steel reaches 10mm, ensuring stable, full-load operation at any ambient temperature.


1.Bed using thick wall pipe welding and become, the high temperature tempering treatment, ensure that the deformation is small, rigid good, the intensity is big.

2.The X,Y axis adopt reliable motor drive, selected pairing, ensure the smooth movement.

3.Using high precision level gear rack drive, high precision, speed and strength. 

4.Adopts imported linear guide square, high precision, long life.

5.Mechanical and electrical full excellent design, selection of all kinds of electrical accessories, the failure rate drop

6.Software compatibility: compatible type3 / Artcam/Castmate/wentai and so on.Many kinds of CAD/CAM design software.

7.Performance worry about: a breakpoint renewal carving, power off recovery, processing time prediction, and other functions, the real human nature design.



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