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Tempered Glass Machine

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The operators place the glass sheets on the loading section ,then press down the button, then the transmission system will automatically send the glass sheets on the rollers into the heating furnace ; The furnace transmission system can keep the glass sheets continuous moved forward on the siliceous ceramic rollers and also can get even heating to up to an uniform temperature ( the required temperature may various for different glass sheets ); after out of the furnace  , the glass sheets enter the high pressure section in certain speed  and get fast cooling and tempering and then be sent to high pressure section and be cooled to room temperature ; finally the tempered glasses are sent to the unloading section for the operators receiving the tempered glass packaging and put them to the warehouse .  

maximum loading capacity 2500mm × 1800mm   

minimum loading capacity 200mm × 350 mm

glass thickness     4-19mm

producivity :      (the loading capacity is no big than 70% ,take 5mm as example )

clear glassthe heating time for each millimeters 38-45 seconds for the float glass quality of the glass sheet, the edging quality various , the batch installation changes ,and the voltage fluctuation ,then the heating time may change , and the fluctuation scope is ±10up and down ); (. 16-18 batch each hour)


power consumption          ≤4.5Kw.h/m2(5mm)

rateof finished product        ≥98%

curvature of the finished product    ≤1.0/1000mm

waveness of the finished product    ≤0.15/300mmabove 6mmedge



the error of the stree uniformity the stress is little than 13Mpa for one piece of tempered glass

                 7Mpa the stress is 7Mpa should be less than 7Mpa for one piece of half strengthened glass

The stress pattern should be evenness, the glass margin area and middle part should have no obvious and centralized massive burning nether obvious optical distortion and edging phenomenon.

other standards meet international GB15763.2-2005GB17841-1999

The butt weld should be leveled off, the sheet metal‘s buckle and joint should be complete, the margin of the machining should be chamfered and with no hanging of the oil paint.

Requirement to the glass sheets: non – viewable air bubble. Non sundries; meet the standards of the super quality float glass ; the glass should be chamfered , presion edged , washed and dried up .

玻璃种类glass type suitable for tempering:普通平玻、单面压花、单面彩釉、部分镀膜玻璃。Common flat glass single figured glass 、single side

machine outer dimension 13.5m(长)×5m(宽)×3m(高)

total weight:≤16000Kg

total heating power280KW

upper heater  sprial type heater

total power of the upper heater140KW

lower heater sprial type heater

total power of the lower heater 140KW

blower power  30KW big blower with shock amount and frequency inverter +18.5KW small blower with f frequency inverter );

suggest capacity of the voltage transformer 315KVA

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