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Corner Connector CNC Automatic Cutting Saw

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Corner Connector CNC Automatic Cutting Saw


Equipment Features:

-Used for corner of aluminum profile and plastic profile cutting.

-Imported carbide saw blade is of accurate processing and high efficiency.

-High-power motor makes the cutting easily.

-Linear bearing motion pair gave less resistance  force and ensured high processing accuracy.

-The PLC control and auto-feeding system with high efficiency is suitable for large volume production.

-Extensive range of processing dimension and suitable material.

Main specification and technical parameter:

Power Supply380V 50Hz
Cutting Motor Power2.2KW
Motor Rotary Speed2840r/min
Operation Air Pressure0.6~0.8MPa
Auto-Feeding Length5~580mm 5~700mm
Cutting Speed0~3m/min
Blade W*H140*140mm
Contour Dimension5670*1770*1840mm

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