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CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

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Product Description:

1.The  machine can automatically record the machanical coordinates without turning back the origin. After the power supply, and the working efficiency is improved.

2.High intelligent cutting machine optimization software, greatly improve the glass utilization rate,lower production cost.

3.The air float function, improve work efficiency ; No special requirment for operators,easy to operate, easy to manage.

4.Autoamtic mould scanning(including shaped glass) change into CAD graphics.

5.Automaitc oil filling and pressure regulating function of cutting machine, effectively ensure cutting stability and cutting effect.

6.All equipment procedures, production tasks,graphics and so on can be reorded all the time.

7.The number of hours of the day can be counted and the numebr of cuts can be recorded in order to record the number of work in each shift.

8.Compatible with AUTO CAD drawing software.

9.Automaitc correction function to ensure cutting accuracy.

10.It can achieve the best cutting result with the automaitc pressure function.

11.Transmission system:with famous servo motor Yaskawa JAPAN.

Production Details:


Technical  Parameter:

Model Max Glass Size Cutting Thickness Cutting Accuracy Cutting Speed
CNC2620 1830*2440mm 1-19mm ≤±0.15mm 160m/min
CNC3726 3660*2440mm 1-19mm ≤±0.15mm 160m/min


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