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Dust removal of fully automatic glass cutters

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Dust removal of fully automatic glass cutters

    Glass cutter manufacturers in the production of glass cutting machine is also the continuous transformation and innovation of technology, in which the automatic glass cutting machine dust removal function on this column of transformation, we will look at together.

    In general, when using a glass cutter, the relevant features need to be clarified. Only in the case of the specific characteristics, in order to be effective, better play out, and thus meet the needs of daily production. The main characteristics are the following.

Flying knife function, you can set the flying knife, and then achieve a knife completion, automatic arc transition. Glass marking function, the ability to mark the glass code mark in the glass cutting. So when it comes to picking up, it's relatively simple.


    Glass cutting is more reasonable and has a variety of optimized cutting schemes. Each cutting scheme is made with a pass. It has a good import and export function to make it easy to paste the data. Especially when it comes to programming, flexibility is strong.

    Fully automatic glass cutting machine dust removal transformation, automatic glass cutting machine in the process of cutting stainless steel, will produce large and smoke, dust cover placed on the cutting machine to make it walk uneven, a large number of soot interference operator line of sight.

    The slit quality of the shape-ringing cast blanks is imperative to transform the original dust removal system. Stainless steel cutting machine is installed with a dust shield, dust removal cover side open with the upper and lower two holes, automatic glass cutting machine each installed a connection tube, from the horizontal direction to vertical downward arc bend at the two pipes together.

    Then, in the dust main tube on the panel cover a wide belt, the belt is fixed on the dust main tube, belt through the four support shafts on the cutting machine, the middle of the formation of the gap is the connection tube and the dust master interface, the interface position with the movement of the cutting machine and change, so that the connecting tube can always be aligned with the opening of the dust removal master.

    The above is the introduction of the fully automatic glass cutting machine dust removal, after the transformation of the machine dust removal more convenient and more thorough, at the same time our manufacturers will continue to upgrade and transform other functions, but also thank you new and old customers continue to support our manufacturers, we will use better product returns, higher standards to ask for their own.


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